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Zoom Information

General Information:

  • Zoom is the University approved web conferencing tool that is used to coordinate various meetings with on and off-campus participants. NOTE: You only need a Zoom license if you are scheduling and/or hosting meetings. Meeting participants do not need a license.

    • Zoom has Basic and a Pro plans available to DelVal users.
      • The Basic plan suits the needs of many and allows you to have unlimited 1 to 1 meets and large group meetings, up to 100 participants. With the Basic plan, 1 to 1 meetings have no time limit, but meetings with more participants will be limited to 40 minutes.
      • The Pro plan builds on this and allows you to have longer meetings and other advanced features. Zoom also lets you create a meeting using a phone line as opposed to using voice communications over the participant's computers.
      • For example, a Basic account would likely be sufficient if you needed to meet with an individual student for advising or office hours purposes or if you were holding a remote session with a class that will last for less than 40 minutes.
      • A Pro account would be used for larger class discussions or meetings (that are more than 1 to 1) that will last for over 40 minutes.
    • Zoom has apps available for most mobile devices.
    • If using Zoom on campus it is recommended that you use the computer audio option when connecting. You can use computer headphones or even traditional phone headphones that have a mic. You may find this more comfortable and you will not be need to make a long distance call from on-campus.

Learn How to Use Zoom

Do I need a Zoom account?

You only need a Zoom account if you are hosting or scheduling meetings.

Which email address/account should I use when creating my Zoom account?

Please use your DelVal account even if you are presented with other options like using your Google account.

Can you help me learn how to use Zoom?

Technology Services is always happy to help you with campus technologies but we strongly recommend that you view the excellent training videos provided by Zoom. Training Resources -

How do I reset my Zoom account password for Login?

You can use the following link to have a password reset link sent to the email address associated with your zoom account.

What is the difference between a Basic Zoom account and a Pro Zoom account?

All DelVal employees should already have a Zoom Basic account which allows you to have 1 to 1 meetings for an unlimited period time and multiple user meetings for up to 40 minutes. The primary advantage of a Pro account is that you can have meetings with multiple participants for longer than 40 minutes. There are other features as well. This link takes you to the features list and explains the difference between Basic and Pro. (DelVal does not have access ot the other licenses.)

Students do not need Zoom accounts to participate in a Zoom session that are being held for their class. The Instructor of the class will create a Zoom meeting and provide the connection link for that to the Students in the class. This could happen through a link for Zoom that the instructor adds to their Blackboard course or directly through an email or calendar invite sent to the students in the course.

While Students do not need to create Zoom accounts to participate in their courses, Basic Zoom accounts are free and may be a helpful tool for students. We have not created Zoom accounts for all students, but any student who wants to schedule and host their own Zoom meetings, can sign up for a Basic Zoom account at the Zoom website. The Basic account allows users to schedule unlimited Zoom meetings to share their screen, audio and video with up to 100 other meeting attendees. Please be aware that the major limitation of the  Basic account is that meetings with more than 2 participants will be limited to 40 minutes.

Because , we have a business account to manage all Zoom users using a email address, you will be told that you are joining a business account when you try to sign up using your DelVal email address. You are welcome to continue and join Zoom using this account or you can choose a different (personal) email address to create your Zoom account.

Once you create an account there are lots of great videos and training opportunities on the Zoom resource page.