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Help Desk and Technology

Delaware Valley University Technology and Help Desk Services.

New Employee Information

Welcome to DelVal! Starting a new job can be daunting, from a technology perspective. There are new systems to learn and accounts and passwords to memorize. If you have already started, you will have likely already received some information from Technology Services to get you started, including your user name and password. Human Resources provides this information as part of the finalization of the hiring process. The tabs on this page and the information below will provide you with more details that will help you get started.

If you ever need technology assistance, please contact the Help Desk at or at 215-489-4357.

  • Employee email accounts are typically (Ex:
  • Your primary DelVal credentials which will allow you to log on to your computer, into your employee portal, and into many other systems and applications are typically your FirstName.LastName. (Ex: joseph.smith)
  • Sign into your DelVal Office 365 ( account as soon as possible to set up your account security questions in case you are ever locked out of your DelVal account.
  • Your manager will likely have already requested access to key systems that you will need to access. If you are unable to access anything, check with your manager or the Help Desk.
  • Protecting student and employee records is everyone's responsibility. Technology Services leads this effort by providing training and tools that can be used to protect PII (personally identifiable information) like social security numbers, credit card numbers and other sensitive data. The Information Security section on the left will provide you with more important information. There will also be emails that will take you to the University's security awareness training.
  • Set up your voicemail and your phone if you have one.
  • Please remember, Technology Services will never ask for your password in an email and that you can always call us if you have any questions about the authenticity of an email.

There are over 50 distinct systems on campus. What you use will depend on your position at the University but we wanted to highlight some of the more commonly used systems.

  • DVU App Hub - The DVU App Hub is our single-sign-on system that will connect you to various systems without having to log in again. This may be a great home page for you and reduce how often you have to log into campus systems. We are always adding new systems to the list.
  • Ellucian Systems - Ellucian is the platform University used as it's SIS (student information system)/ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. There are various products and auxiliary solutions connected to the Ellucian platform.
    • Colleague - Core repository for academic records.
    • Self-Service - Systems that allow students to register for classes, manage financial aid and much more.
  • Office 365 - For more information on various Office 365 apps.
  • X Drive - This is the name of our campus file server. You should see this when opening "My Computer" on your computer. Most departments have a folder that is used to share information within the department.