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Help Desk and Technology

Delaware Valley University Technology and Help Desk Services.

Wireless, Networking, & VPN

At DelVal you will find several wireless networks. 

  • 1896 - The primary wireless network for employees and students when not in Residence Halls. This network requires authentication, via your network credentials. Your connection to 1896 is encrypted. The 1896 wireless network is the preferred wireless network for the campus. 
  • Guest - Guest is a limited access wireless network to be primarily used for campus visitors who do not have DelVal accounts and who need basic internet access. Not all internet services will work through the connection.
  • MyResNet - This network is reserved for resident students only and requires separate credentials. Employees in some departments, such as Technology Services, Facilities, and Student Affairs, will need to create and use separate accounts when they are working in Residence Halls.

There are many ways you can save your work or data, at DelVal there are our Network Storage Server (the X Drive) and OneDrive, of course, you can also save locally on your device.

  • Something you will hear about and have access to will be the X Drive which is one of our Network Storage Server, generally, each department will have a folder on it that you will be able to view and save to.
  • The OneDrive is a part of your Office 365 account at DelVal you can learn more about it on the Office 365/Email Section on the left.
    • Something to keep in mind if you have a personal OneDrive account make sure when syncing you sync to the correct OneDrive account.

Important Notes:

Connecting to the campus VPN will allow you to access on-campus resources that are not available from the internet. Some examples are:

  • On-Campus Only
    • Colleague
    • X Drive
    • Informer
  • VPN Not Required
    • Email
    • Office 365
    • Self Service
    • Most web services

Connection Information:

  • X Drive
    • If you are having trouble connecting to the X drive you may need to try different approached due to the varied types of computers on campus. You will need to open File Explorer and in the address bar and enter:
      • On a Windows computer
        • \\roadrunner and go to the Dept folder OR
        • \\ and go to the Dept folder OR
        • \\ and go to the Dept folder
      • On a Mac
        • Under the Go menu select “Connect to Server” In the box that appears type SMB:// hit enter and select dept in the list.
  • Oreo - Marketing Server
    • From a Mac open:
      • smb://