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Help Desk and Technology

Delaware Valley University Technology and Help Desk Services.

Working Remotely

Technology Services has created a list of information that will help you if you need to work remotely. Check back as this page will be updated often.

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Note: The table below will continue to be updated

Applications/Resources that Require VPN Web based Applications that do not Require VPN
Colleague Office 365, including Email
X, H, I Drives DVU App Hub
Informer-Connect through App Hub Self-Service - Connect through the App Hub
Transact ADP
  Blackboard Learn - Connect through the App Hub
  ESM/Purchasing - Connect through the App Hub
  myDelVal - Connect through the App Hub
  Maxient - Connect through the App Hub
  Library Databases - Connect through the App Hub
  Medicat - Connect through the App Hub
  • Office 365 can likely do much more than you are aware of.
    • The Office 365 button on the left has information on the many apps that are available. Even if you are not on your computer you can access Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more applications.
      • Once there you can click on the tab with information about remotely viewing the campus directory. We encourage you to update your information.
      • Another tab contains information on how you can install Office 365 on non-DelVal computers. Most Office 365 applications also have an app available. Look for Microsoft apps on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.
    • Office 365 Calendar - Keep your calendar up to date and use it to efficiently schedule meetings with colleagues.
    • We encourage you to:
      • consider moving departmental files that need to be shared from the X drive to an Office 365 team site so the files can be accessed from anywhere without needing a VPN connection.
      • consider moving your personal files to OneDrive so they are synced and available across multiple devices.

Phone and Voicemail

  • Accessing your voicemail from off-campus
    • Dial 215-489-2222
    • Press # to access your mailbox
    • Enter your mailbox number, press #. This is the last 4 numbers of the DelVal phone number you are trying to access.
    • Enter the password, press #.
    • You should now be in your voicemail.
  • Redirecting phone calls to a cell phone or land line.
    • You will be using Avaya's EC500 - After you are activated for this service you will now see an EC500 button on your desk phone.
    • First, you will need to provide the Help Desk with the phone number you want to forward calls to. Please send this request to
    • Using EC500
      • To Activate EC500 - This will have all calls ring on your desk phone and the number you provided.
        • If you are on campus you can push the button next to EC500.
        • From off campus - From the number provided call 215-489-4419
      • To Deactivate EC500 - This will stop calls from being forwarded.
        • If you are on campus you can push the button next to EC500.
        • From off campus - From the number provided call 215-489-4189
  • Ways to keep your phone number private
    • You can use Zoom to schedule meetings instead of just calling out.
    • You can set up a forwarding and have the other party call your office phone but answer on your personal phone.
    • Some cell phones have the ability to block caller ID. This can be different for everyone and you may have to look up instructions or reach out to your carrier.
    • Entering *67 before entering the phone number may block your number. We recommend you try this with a coworker. Also, please check with your mobile or landline provider to make sure you are not charged for this service.