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Help Desk and Technology

Delaware Valley University Technology and Help Desk Services.

Computer Troubleshooting

Some things to check when you are experiencing a network connectivity issue:

  • Make sure the network cable is securely connected and there is a green light at the connection slot.
  • If you have a laptop make sure it is also securely connected to the dock if you are using the dock.
    • Also, make sure that you are not connected to the “Guest” WiFi since you will not be able to access certain systems on the “Guest” WiFi.
  • Sometimes missing updates could cause an issue. Save your work and do a quick restart of the computer to allow the missing update to install. Do this even if you just turned the computer on after coming into work. If the computer was off at night an update might not have been able to install.

Checking your DelVal email on your cell phone is certainly possible. Either in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store just do a search for "Microsoft Outlook" and download the free app. Once installed you can sign in with your DelVal email address and password. Some things to keep in mind:

  • When you change your DelVal password you also have to change it in the cell phone app.
    • The same has been done with the University's WiFi if you connect to the WiFi on campus.