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Delaware Valley University Technology and Help Desk Services.


Technology Services provides access to a system that will allow you to better protect sensitive and other confidential information, such as social security numbers, tax information, and health information in your email. This tool will allow you to encrypt emails to any recipient. This includes other members of the University community and off-campus email recipients. You can send encrypted emails from Outlook, the web version of Office 365 and your mobile devices. Recipients can also respond to your encrypted email.

Here is how you use this new tool:

Step 1: Create your email and at the beginning of the subject line type SecureMail: , to let the system know you would like to send an encrypted email. Please note, this should be spelled as one word with a colon at the end. Leave a space between the colon and your regular subject line.

If you are using the web-based version of Outlook, instead of Outlook 2016 on your computer, you can simply click the encrypt button at the top of any new message. *Microsoft is testing as of Feb 2019, a "new" version of the Outlook web version that you can enable. The encrypt button only works on this version.  

Example subject: SecureMail: Important meeting information

Step 2: Send your email. That is it! You just sent an encrypted email.

To read an encrypted message:

Step 1: You will receive an email telling you that you have received an encrypted message.

Step 2: Open the attachment and follow the instructions. Recipients will be able to read by logging into their email account again if it is sent to a non-DelVal account or the email will just open. A one-time password can also be used which result in an email being sent to the recipient's email account and then using the code to open the message.

Step 3: Recipients can reply back in an encrypted format to continue to protect the information.

Technology Services recommends that you try this out with a colleague, friend or another email account so you can see how it works.