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Welcome to the OneDrive page here you will find various documents on how to download, install, and setting up of OneDrive. OneDrive is the cloud storage solution that Microsoft provides that you may find very useful for personal file storage. This tool consists of several parts that work well individually and even better together. For example, the Office 365 Word documents that you create and save can be stored in your OneDrive folder so you have easy access to these documents anywhere. To make this even more useful, you can have a OneDrive folder on your computer or mobile device that will sync with the online version of OneDrive. This will provide you with a location for your files that syncs across devices and is available almost anywhere. Some people on campus have moved their files from their computers My Documents folder into their OneDrive folder so they always have access to their important documents. Another important feature of OneDrive is that you can easily share files with others.