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The library building will be closed starting May 11th through August for renovations. Library services will remain available during this time. Please contact with any questions.

Accessibility Statement and Resources

Our Website

We incorporate best practices and guidelines for accessibility into digital design and development, aiming to meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards. The Library’s website and Research Guides, which run on the SpringShare LibGuides Platform with Bootstrap 3.3.7, are responsive and designed to be optimized for mobile devices and meet WCAG 2.1 AA Standards.

Our online catalog of physical items, run with Booksystems Atriuum, has been tested to meet WGAC 2.0 AA Level compliance. The catalog uses appropriate semantic tags (header, footer, etc.) allowing screen readers to navigate efficiently. Images such as dust jackets of books have alternative text. Word prediction in the search boxes saves patrons excessive typing. The catalog also allows keyboard navigation for those with limited manual dexterity. Below is a table covering the basic keystrokes to navigate our catalog. Our catalog tutorial will walk you through how to navigate our book collection, manage your library account, and reserve items of interest for pickup at the Circulation Desk. There are many eBooks listed in our catalog, and those are made distinguishable from our physical items.

Key Strokes



Navigates to various interactive elements, including search options and filters

Shift + Tab

Navigates backward to the previously selected element


Activates a link or button


Selects a checkbox and activates some links / buttons


Closes dialogs or pop-ups

Page Up / Page Down

Scrolls up and down the page