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The library building will be closed starting May 11th through August for renovations. Library services will remain available during this time. Please contact library@delval.edul with any questions.


Journals and Databases

Electronic access to resources is wonderful when it works but if you are having difficulty accessing a database, e-journal, e-book, streaming video or audio file, or an online article, try these tips.

Tip #1: Check your links

1. Use the correct link for databases and journals. Be sure the link you are using is from the Library website or A-Z list Try not to access the website from a bookmark that is saved on your browser. 

You should see "Brought to you by the Delaware Valley University Library" somewhere on the page.

2. Make sure you're using a permalink for articles and specific pages. Don't assume that the URL in the browser window is the one that will get you back to the article or ebook.  Look for a link or button that indicates that it will generate a persistent URL.

Tip #2: Clear browsing data

1. Clear your cache. This will help force the browser to retrieve the newest copy of a website and deletes any malicious files that may have been dropped into the cache. 

2. Delete cookies. Sometimes the browser will continue to use an old cookie or corrupted cookie rather than accept a new cookie from the e-resource.  Try deleting cookies, reboot the browser, and then accessing the e-resource again.

This keyboard shortcut is an easy way to clear web browser history, cookies, and cache with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera:
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Delete]

Tip #3: Try another browser

1. Try using a private or incognito browsing window. Here is how to browse in private or incognito mode in some commonly used browsers:

  • In Chrome:
    • Type Ctrl+Shift+N (on a PC)
    • Command+Shift+N (on a Mac)
    • or use the three dots in the upper right to select New Incognito Window
  • In Firefox:
    • Type Ctrl+Shift+P (on a PC)
    • Command+Shift+P (on a Mac)
    • or use the three lines in the upper right to select New Private Window
  • In Safari:
    • Type Command+Shift+N
    • or go to File>New Private Window

2. Try a different browser. For example, if you are experiencing difficulty with a resource while using Chrome, try Firefox instead.



Library e-books don't work the same way as e-books you would personally purchase from Amazon or any other vendor because of publisher restrictions and library licensing requirements.

Most of our e-books are for unlimited users at a time, but some are for limited or single users. You will receive a message if an e-book is not available.

You may read any of our e-books online in a web browser or download for offline reading. If a vendor allows downloading an entire e-book, it will most likely expire after a set period of time. You may print, download, and keep single chapters if they are available as PDFs.

Reporting Problems