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Use this guide to assist you in learning how to create and utilize your RefWorks account.

How to Add References

To add an item to RefWorks, click the Add a reference icon  at the top of the page.

If you plan on adding the item to an existing collection, click on the collection first, then click the Add a reference icon .

Method #1: Upload Document

If you have a PDF of your article saved to your computer already, click the Add a reference icon , then click Upload document option and then use the box for drag and drop, or, to browse and search your computer.  

Regardless of how you add your documents, RefWorks will try to recognize and populate the reference information.  RefWorks will present you with possible matches which you can select to populate the reference fields.

If no reference information is provided, you can manually enter the information.  Make sure to click the Save button to save the reference information.

Method #2: Import References

To get your existing references into the New RefWorks (what we are using at DelVal), look up your current reference manager below and follow the steps described. If it is not listed, try this list with additional directions from RefWorks.

  1. Select references. 
  2. Right-click and choose Export Selected Items. Choose RIS. Save the file.
  3. In RefWorks, click the Add a reference icon , then select Import References
  4. Drag and drop the saved file into RefWorks into the box, or use the link to “select a file from your computer” and upload it. 
  1. You can easily import your EndNote into your RefWorks account:In EndNote, go to Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager
  2. Check “RefMan (RIS) Export”.
  3. In your EndNote library, select the references you would like to export.
  4. Go to File > Export and save the file, making sure the output styles field is set to “RefMan (RIS) Export”.
  5. In RefWorks, click the Add a reference icon , then select Import References
  6. Drag and drop the saved file into RefWorks into the box, or use the link to “select a file from your computer” and upload it. 

Method #3: Create New Reference

If you would like to enter your citation information manually, click on the Add a reference icon  and select Create new reference. Begin typing the title or an author name. 

Look for the Find and complete icon to turn blue or click on it to have RefWorks look for suggestions

Scroll to the bottom of the reference to see the suggestions and click on the title of the reference you wish to add

Once the fields populate, you may save what you have imported and then you may look to see if the item is available in full-text using the databases at DelVal.

Method #4: Export References

You can export one or more selected references to Refworks at once. This method will pull all the information from a database. It does not bring the full text over. 

RefWorks Add-On for Browser

RefWorks has an easy to use tool that installs in any web browser called the Save to RefWorks button.  The Save to RefWorks button grabs information from any web page – in some cases a complete article – and adds it to your RefWorks library. 

To add the Save to RefWorks button to your browser, click on the More icon  and select Tools.   Simply drag the Save to RefWorks button to your browser.  

Once you’ve installed it, go to any web page and click the Save to RefWorks button to capture the information.