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BA 2008 - Macroeconomics (Viel)

Understanding your Economic System

Where to Start

For this assignment, you will need to research the relative merits of different economic systems (various versions of Socialism, Communism and Capitalism, and how to implement them in a new nation.

You have been sorted into groups based on your economic system and need to decide what your island nation will look like.

Start by researching your economic system.

Capitalism like in Poland

Communism like China

Socialism like in Scandinavia

Designing your New Nation

Finding Good Examples

Start by finding successful examples of your economic system. 

For example, if you were implementing socialism, you might want to look at Nordic nations like Scandinavia. What does their political system look like? How much influence does the government have on the economy?

For capitalism, you might try Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary

For communism, look at China, Vietnam, and Cuba

Setting up RefWorks


RefWorks is a new way to collect, manage, and organize research.  You can read, annotate, organize, and cite your research as well as collaborate by sharing collections.

From simple bibliographies to papers formatted with in-text citations or footnotes, RefWorks handles it all. ‚ÄčTo learn more about RefWorks, use our RefWorks research guide.

To create a RefWorks account:

  1. Go to the link below and click Create account
  2. Fill in your information, making sure to use your DelVal email address.  
  3. Go to your inbox and click the email link to complete the activation process. 

Already have an account? Just go to the link below and click "Log In"

Online Tutorials

RefWorks screencasts are available 24/7 on ProQuest's YouTube Channel. 

Click here to begin watching.