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Staying Informed in the Sciences

Why Bother?

"Without keeping up with the literature, I can't know what other people are doing or contextualize my work. In addition, through reading the literature I can find potential solutions to scientific barriers I am facing in my own research."
Lynn Kamerlin, associate professor of cell and molecular biology at Uppsala University in Sweden

"Staying up to date with the literature is perhaps the single most important skill that remains crucial throughout a researcher’s career. Without knowing where the current gaps are, your findings will either be old hat or too out in left field to be cited right away. "
Denis Bauer, team leader in transformational bioinformatics at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Sydney, Australia

What Resources are Available to You Now?

The most obvious resource is the Library. The Library purchases thousands of dollars worth of books, journals, and resources across the sciences. Here are just a couple titles you might want to familiarize yourself with. 

We also have over 100,000 journals you can use online. Use the search box below to search for a specific journal or magazine you want.

What Resources will be available to you after you graduate?

There are also many great free, or partially free, resources for learning about scientific discoveries.