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EN 1201 - College Writing II (Schramm)

This guide contains information to assist you in researching your paper on factory farming for Dr. Karen Schramm's College Writing II class.


Welcome to the library's guide to resources on factory farming.  If you have any questions or need assistance, come to the library and we will be happy to help you.

Not sure where you stand on the issue of factory farming?  Is factory farming justifiable, or is it morally wrong?  The videos below present two key players in the discussion: the U.S. meat industry and Peter Singer. 

Use the videos as stepping stones in formulating your own opinion of the issue.

Peter Singer video

A brief 2005 interview with Peter Singer broadcast on Australian television.

(Please note: Video may take some time to load)

Temple Grandin video

This video is part one of a three part series that details the U.S. meat industry's partnership with animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin. The video, produced for the American Meat Institute, details the benefits of humane handling and how the industry strives for low-stress cattle handling.
(Please note: Video may take some time to load)

Where are Factory Farms?

The map linked below shows where factory farms are located in the U.S. and where animal activists have targeted their efforts.