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ED 2142 - Instructional Methods and Assessment (LaSalle)

Where to Start?

What is a Unit Plan?

We begin with national and Pennsylvania standards of content areas, breaking them down to behavioral terms. 

These are then transfered into a unit and daily instructional objectives. 

Quality > Quantity

Other higher education institutions and professional organizations can be great places to begin your research for resources.

However, when resources have not been vetted for you, look for these characteristics:

Relevance to Your Topic
assess timeliness and subject coverage

  • Does the resource apply to the issue you are discussing?
  • Can its conclusions be applied to your subject?

Validity of the Research
determine the quality of the research  

  • Are all sources cited? 
  • Does the author's evidence support the claim?
  • Is the evidence objective research instead of personal narrative?
  • Does it come from a peer-reviewed publication (which means the research was evaluated by experts before it was published)?

evaluate credentials, education, experience, etc.

  • Is the author formally educated in the subject?
  • Does the author work for a university or research center?

Writing Objectives

Pennsylvania Standards

National Standards

Identifying Resources


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