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SA 3112 - Wildlife Management (Hoyt & Shenko)

Locate information on techniques in wildlife management relating to Allegheny woodrats

Research Proposal Group Lab Project

Each group will be assigned a research topic related to the management/conservation of the Allegheny woodrat (Neotoma magister) during the first week of lab.

Each group will identify a minimum of five peer-reviewed scientific articles or book chapters that support their research proposal.

Proposals must include the citation of papers researched within the body of the text, referencing them to the Literature Cited, using the format of the Chicago Style Manual.

  1. Introduction to the Allegheny woodrat and the research question,
  2. Methods proposed to answer the research question (citing the research articles used to formulate the research proposal,
  3. Evaluation of the project’s effectiveness in meeting the research goals of increasing Allegheny woodrat populations, and
  4. Literature Cited (list of peer-reviewed references used by the group members and properly cited within the proposal), using the format outlined in the format of the Chicago Style Manual (which will be posted on Blackboard and is available on the Library website).  

Examples of Protocols

These examples include actual protocols and the guidelines for writing them.