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BY 4110 - Senior Seminar (Heise)

What's a Good Topic?

Choosing a topic - where do you begin?
Many students choose a topic that they already know something about and explore new research in that area. Whatever you choose, make sure you are interested in the topic! If you don't have an idea yet, browsing through the library's book collection in biology will present you with a broad variety of subjects. You might also want to scan issues of the magazines Discover, New Scientist, BBC Knowledge, or Science to read about topics in the recent news.

Too big or too little?
A quick way to get a feel for how well your area has been researched is to run a search in Google Scholar. If only 10 hits are returned you'll know you have to expand your topic or change your topic. There just isn't enough information. On the other hand, if you get 10,000 hits you'll know you have to narrow down your topic. Google Scholar also has a link at the top of the results list to limit results by date.


Other Good Places to Look

Interlibrary Loan