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EN 2139 - Media Management

How to Select a Media Company?

  1. Search to find an industry that fits the above criteria. For example, you might look at advertising, tv broadcasting, or book publishing, just to name a few. 
  2. Sort the profiles by Most Recent, using the options on the left side.
  3. These profiles include an Overview (top companies), Growth Rating (how risky of an investment this sector), and more! Use this information to select your initial stock. 

You can also look at a database called Mergent Intellect. It will show you news stories related to your stock and give you a Marketing Pre-Screen Score, which can help in your decision making. 

Finding Small Cap Stocks

You are also going to need to purchase some small cap stocks. You are likely to find less information about these stocks and will have to use industry trends to inform your purchasing decisions.

Try signing up for a newsletter like that from Penny Pick Alerts to learn about good small cap stock options.

  1. Set the Market Cap to "Small ($300 mln to $2bln)
  2. Select the Industry. You might check out Broadcasting-Radio, Broadcasting - TV, Entertainment - Diversified, General Entertainment, Movie Production, Publishing - Books, Publishing - Newspapers, or Publishing - Periodicals. 
  3. This will result in a list of available stock options. Clicking on the Ticker will bring you to more detailed stock information and a news feed.