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Assessment Resources


Writing a mission statement

When writing your mission statement, try using the following template:

The mission of name of your program or unit is to your primary purpose by providing your primary functions or activities to your stakeholders.

Define the objective

It is best to follow the S.M.A.R.T. process when developing goals:

  • Specific:  Objectives should set specific metrics with real numbers and dates for deadlines.
  • Measurable:  Objectives will need to have a method for tracking.
  • Attainable:  Objectives should be designed to be reached in the timeframe set.
  • Relevant:  Objectives should be tied to the University goals to ensure overall consistency.
  • Time-based:  Objectives should include a date for completion.


Objectives formula = Target + action + object + modifiers

Establish methods for ensuring that institutional data are consistent, reliable, and integrated.

Identify benchmark and measurement tools

Direct methods  include measurements of the quality, efficiency, or effectiveness of the unit. Direct methods provide data that correlate exactly with the objective.

  • Number of complaints
  • Number of training sessions
  • Number of student requests responded to in a certain timeframe

Indirect methods include perceptions of or satisfaction with the unit. Indirect methods are weaker methods of assessment because they measure a perception about an objective and do not offer direct evidence. 

  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Opinion surveys
  • Climate surveys

Targets formula = Level + subject + action + object + modifiers

80% of employees will complete the online IT training sessions with a satisfactory pass rate of 70%.

Conduct assessments

At the conclusion of each academic year, units will create an assessment report which details the results of the assessment along with the action plan determined from the results. 

Collecting the results is the first step which occurs after the measurement is completed.  The results will illustrate what was has been determined from the measurement.  Much like measurement, the results or assessments should include specifics of the findings.

Evaluate results and identify areas to address in the future

How can this information be used? What changes can be made to improve our function? An action plan is a follow-up to the assessment just conducted.  For each objective listed in the plan, follow-up actions should be developed based upon the recorded results. 

Administrative unit level assessment