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EN 1101 - College Writing I (Malloy)

Resources for Prof. Malloy's English class.

Assignment One

 You many pick one of the two options below.  You will be required to find at last two outside supports in an outside source from the college databases; therefore, your works cited will have three sources, your anthology and your 2 outside sources.  Parenthetical citations are expected throughout.  This essay will be three pages in length:

According to Deane, males are more prized in the Chinese culture for a number of reasons including perpetuation of the family name and the ability to support their parents in their old age.  Likewise, Kincade’s depiction of her mother’s conveyance of the roles of women is bleak in her piece.  Your job is to use both pieces as a jump off point and determine whether or not these pieces are a loose depiction of what our society perpetuates here in the U.S.  Again, if it’s not a direct correlation, how does the connection still present in modern society. 

McCourt’s piece depicts the importance of familiarizing one’s self with one’s culture from an early age to foster the values and morals of that culture.  In the same way, ElSaaadawi discusses the ritual, cultural practice of circumcision of women in her article.  As we’ve discussed, this is a practice that has been practiced for generations and is embedded in the culture.  Although our author’s native Egypt banned the ritual in 2007, people still practice it there and in many of other countries around the world including the U.S.  Is it important to have a cornerstone of ritual and culture, or can one attain “success” just as easily without it.  Like with the former option, use both pieces as a jump off point for your position.


As usual, the first phase will be the pre-writing.  You may use any methodology you like as we’ve discussed in class, such as freewriting, questioning, listing, mapping, etc.

After prewriting, you should prepare your outline.  It should follow the persuasive/argumentative pattern or the five paragraph essay patter and should be in complete sentences.  The outline should be typed and contain four complete sentences, one for your thesis and three others for your primary support points.  Although secondary supports are not required, I encourage you to add them as this will facilitate and foster organization in your writing.

The third step it to write your first draft. 

Finally, you need to revisit your writing for the “complete” phase.  Remember, this is the phase in which you are checking the four phases of your paragraph: the structure, the body, the sentences, and the words.  Don’t forget to use transitional words and phrases for flow and cohesion, and remember to check for grammatical correctness and college level writing, which is not conversational.  You may refer to the worksheets that I’ve handed out in class

As discussed in class, it is very important to do your writing in phases giving yourself time to walk away and reflect in between sessions.  This will yield a better work product than waiting until the night before it’s due. 

Please make sure that when you hand in the final draft all of the above phases are in the other side of the folder for my review.  Also, when you bring your essay in for peer review, all of the components should be in the folder at that point.

You may email with any specific questions; and I encourage you to visit the learning center during your drafting phases. 

Please review your syllabus for due dates for this assignment.