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MC 1010 - Intro to Mass Media (Callahan)

Marion Callahan's Intro to Mass Media, supplemental resources.

Final Project

Being a Responsible Producer of Digital Media

The media serve a vital role in our society. 

Often, they expose injustices that bring special attention to vulnerable and less fortunate populations of people. As we have discussed in class, the media have changed and evolved dramatically over the years. 

In this project, you will learn what it is like to be a media producer. You will engage with the challenges of telling stories in different media. You will do research, applying the “ways of skeptical knowing” to present reliable and credible information. 

  1. What kind of content am I encountering? 
  2. Is the information complete; and if not, what is missing?
  3. Who or what are the sources, and why should I believe them?
  4. What evidence was presented, and how was it tested and vetted?
  5. What might be an alternative explanation or understanding?
  6. Am I learning what I need to?


Theme/Topic: You will choose a topic for coverage, creating media for the common good that seeks to explore a social problem or dilemma. You will produce an example of this concept by focusing on a social cause/dilemma in a way that offers resources and solutions that can save or improve lives.


  • If you choose mental health, hone in on one area that is in need of attention, possibly mental health in college sports or in the healthcare field. These are just focus areas of one topic. 
  • Fast-fashion and its effects on the environment.
  • How daily decisions can help with rising global warming.


You will create a Wordpress Website, or another site on a free platform of your choice.

You will work to create a page on your Wordpress portfolio website. Your goal with this website page is to provide your audience with an understanding and perspective on your topic. How is that topic covered in the media? What holes in the coverage can you address? What resources could you provide the public for getting more help or information on the issue?

You will use text, audio, video, and photos to inform visitors to your Wordpress site.

Items to be on your webpage:

  • 700-word mass media story - with source. Look to our Library Guide (this page!) for resources.
  • Bullet points of main facts and the source of those facts
  • 3 royalty-free/copyright free images depicting identity stereotypes 
  • Statistics & facts (from an authoritative source)
  • Soundcloud embedded link to audio assignment - you don’t have to create one.
  • YouTube embedded link to video assignment 

*Note: This is a major research project as well as a media production project. Make sure you are thorough in your research.

Online Resources



Government and Opinion Polls

Polls can be helpful indicators of public opinion.

Academic & News Resources

Types of Sources

  Academic Trade Popular
Content Original research and experimentation Industry/trade trends, products, and news Current events, opinions, and general information
Look Plain, long articles, may contain charts and graphs Glossy, contains photos and industry/trade related advertisements Glossy, contains color photos and everyday product advertisements
Authors Experts in their field Industry specialists or staff writers Journalists/reporters, staff or freelance writers
Audience Professors, researchers, students Members of the particular industry or trade Anyone
Language Academic and technical Jargon of the industry Written in a language for anyone to understand
Documentation Footnotes or bibliography Occasionally contain cited sources  References may be mentioned in text

Library Databases

Journals, Periodicals and News Organizations

You'll be able to find a lot of these resources online. However, not all their content is free. 

Free E-Books

DelVal's Marketing and Communications Resources

Brand Resources

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