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GB 6040 - Marketing Management (Babik)

Overview of Prof. Babik's Marketing Management course.


Web Page -- with Author and Date

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Web Page -- no Author or Date

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The Basics

Remember to indent the second line of each citation in your Works Cited!

For information on how to format your Title Page and how to include in-text citations, try the Purdue Owl website

Great in-person help is available from the Writing Center on a walk-in basis in Miller Hall 204.


Journal Article (Scholarly) -- Online

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Journal Article (Scholarly) -- Print

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Magazine Article -- Online

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Newspaper Article -- Online

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Book Chapter from Anthology or Edited Work -- Online/Electronic

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Book Chapter from Anthology or Edited Work -- Print

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Entire Book -- Online/Electronic

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Entire Book -- Print

Shotton, M.A. (1989). Computer addiction? A study of computer dependency. London, England: Taylor & Francis.

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