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BA 3010 - International Business (Rall)

The 3-2-1 Method

Response Paper should be in outline form following this format: 

  • Introduction (what is the article about?)
  • What 3x points did you identify as learnings or found interesting? 
  • What 2x points/ things were not fully understood or need greater clarity? 
  • What is 1x major point / takeaway post-reading the article? 
  • Conclusion (why is the article relevant to International Business / to IB managers?) 

Note:   Article should clearly reflect / reference an International Business topic, setting or situation. Paper should be emailed to  Paper will be presented / discussed orally in class.   Rubric for grading is as follows (possible 100 points): 

  • 25 points for the Introduction and Conclusion 
  • 50 points for 3x, 2x and 1x points as outlined above. 
  • 25 points for Proficient Organization of Content, ABA Format with mastery of Syntax / Spelling 

Selecting an International Topic

When researching your international topic, you may want to consult the following publications. They can provide a snapshot of an issue or topic.