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EN 1101 - College Writing I (Malloy)

Resources for Prof. Malloy's English class.

Example Research Question

This is just an example to demonstrate how to search the databases.

Question: "Are males more highly regarded in American society?"

Important things to remember...

  • Try multiple databases
  • Try multiple search terms in each database
  • Use quotes around any phrases you want to stick together (i.e. "American culture" and males)
  • Use pieces of the question. There might be no studies on exactly your question. You might have to use one study on American patriarchy and one on males in society. You can use some data from each article. It's not all or nothing.
  • If you aren't finding any/many results, is it because your topic is so new that people aren't conducting studies on it yet? Is it new terminology? If so, what was the old terminology?

Keyword searches to try in databases:

gender roles in America

United States and male importance

American society and genders

American culture and genders

Chinese culture and males

female circumcision and culture

ritual and culture female circumcision

female circumcision in America

If you aren't getting the results you had hoped for, try changing the keywords. Use similar terms and synonyms.

  • Try America AND United States. Maybe one provides more results.