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EN 1101 - College Writing I (Lutz)

Use this guide to complete Professor Lutz's Argumentation assignment.

Essay 4: Argumentation

The Assignment:

Your fourth essay will require that you research your position before reducing it to writing.  Your essay should consider one of the social issues that our text has highlighted.  Examples include racism as a current problem, the ethics of torture, and the effects of and solutions to global warming.  After choosing a topic, develop a thesis that makes an argument about one of the above issues or another issue clarified in your text.  Muster poignant and up-to-date research to buoy your argument.  Remember, a reasonable person could disagree with your thesis but should be persuaded by your essay.

The Methodology:

The guidelines your text lays down in Chapter 14, pages 547-572, is a place to begin your outlining after you've collected your evidence.  Knowledge of Rogerian and Toulmin methods of reasoning, therefore, should inform the structure and content of your paper.  Logos, ethos, and pathos must come together through style, content, and evidence to improve your argument.  A strong thesis statement (explicit or implicit) will guide your paper to a sensible conclusion.  Avoid fallacies.  Include sufficient and representative evidence.  You will need at least three sources.  One source should be your textbook.  The second source should come from one of the school's many databases.  The third source should be an outside text.  Because of the research component of this essay, it will require a Works Cited page.



The library has nearly 50,000 books in the lower level.  Most may be checked out for three weeks.