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Joseph Krauskopf Memorial Library Homepage

The Joseph Krauskopf Memorial Library serves Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, PA.

Printing in the Library

Log in to one of the PCs in the Cooke Wing or the Macs in the Lower Level. Those should have our two printer options preloaded for you to print to.  Once sent to our printers, the students working the circulation desk can release it for you and collect your print fees.

Printer Name Cost
Black and White Library_1 3¢/pg
Color *$.50ppColor$ 50¢/pg

You can only pay for print jobs in cash at the Circulation Desk in the lobby.

Alternatively, you can print via and submitting a job to one of our printers. There are printed step by step directions available at the circulation desk and from the link below.

Paying for Printing

We can only accept CASH PAYMENTS. We cannot link into anyone's Ram Dollars or a VISA / Mastercard, which is why we allow people to charge prints to their Library Accounts and pay it back later with cash.

A maximum of $5.00 in total printing charges is allowed to accumulate. Then we ask you to pay down your balance before accumulating more.

All the paper and ink comes out of the library's budget, just like the books, movies, and database subscriptions. So we have to collect printing payments in order to still be able to buy those other things. This applies to faculty, staff, and work study students as well.

Scanning and Faxing

The Library has a touch screen scanner in the lobby. You can scan to the printer, to your email, or to a USB. Available document formats are TIFF, PNG, PDF, searchable PDF, and Word.

We also have a fax machine available to send out documents. It cannot receive fax documents.