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SA 4016 - Senior Seminar (Fortier)

Selecting your Topic

For this project, you are asked to present a review of current scientific literature in the field of animal biotechnology, wildlife conservation, and/or zoo science, incorporating the ideas of a global, one-health concept

Many of you have already figured out what you want to investigate, either from your job or another class you have taken.  But, for those of you who are still looking, check out the following....

Seminar Abstract and References

You must submit a one-page summary of your seminar topic and a list of references at the beginning of the semester (see schedule in syllabus.) The abstract should be a specific account of what you plan to cover during your seminar presentation.

It should be written in proper scientific format.

The list of references should be present in the Chicago Author-Date format.

You should use a minimum of 6 references in preparing for your seminar. It is important that your sources come from different authors to obtain a plurality of viewpoints on your subject. These references must be from scholarly journals. You may NOT use the internet citations unless you are given special permission from the instructor. Permission will only be given under the rare conditions where material would not otherwise be available. Use of incorrect or inappropriate sources will result in a significant reduction in your seminar grade. When submitting your references, you must provide a printed copy of the title pages of a minimum of six journal articles. (This is so I can verify that these are indeed peer-reviewed articles.)

Seminar Presentation

This semester all students will present one 20 minute presentation, with an additional 5 minutes for questions. You will lose 5 points for every 2 minutes that you go over or under the 20 minute limit.

On the day of your seminar, please bring a typed list of references and your abstract. You must also bring a printed handout of your PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint must be used for the presentation, but you may use additional visual aids or handouts if you chose.

As an important note, DO NOT READ YOUR PRESENTATION. You should be prepared to deliver your presentation without the use of your notes (or only minimally.) Professional appearance is expected.