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ED 1010 - American Education (Falatek)

Recommended resources for Professor Falatek's course.

Journal Article

For this assignment, you are required to summarize and react to one article pertaining to the topics relating to American Education within your particular content area. Your paper should be 3-5 typed pages with:

  • a short summary of the content in the article
  • your reaction to the topic or critique of the author's viewpoints
  • an interpretation of how the information provided will influence your thinking as an educational leader
  • how you will extend the data provided to your current position
  • a listing of the source of the article

Articles may be obtained from the Internet, periodicals, and journals.

Annotated Bibliography

This assignment is based on both your content area and the general field of education. Books can range from teacher resources to informational text. Magazines and journals are not permissible. The objective is for you to find out what the availability of educational materials is for you in your community. This assignment will require you to look at books in a public library, school library, or bookstore; not an Internet search. You cannot use your own materials. Your list should consist of ten books with a summary of the contents plus your evaluation of the usefulness to students or your professional career. Identify the library or bookstore you visited. Follow the APA format for Annotated Bibliographies. The DelVal library will be able to help you with this formatting, should you need any assistance!