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EN 1201 - College Writing II (Egbert)

The Future You: TED 2017 Conference

You will be using the 2017 TED Conference as the springboard for your paper topic. The theme of the conference was "the future you." Below is a link to access those talks.

Credibility of Resources

When we begin our research, it is is important to think about credibility. Even when watching TED talk, we need to think about who the speaker is and what background he or she comes from. We need to be skeptical.

  Scholarly Trade Popular
Content Original research and experimentation Industry/trade trends, products, and news Current events, opinions, and general information
Look Plain, long articles, may contain charts and graphs Glossy, contains photos and industry/trade related advertisements Glossy, contains color photos and everyday product advertisements
Authors Experts in their field Industry specialists or staff writers Journalists/reporters, staff or freelance writers
Audience Professors, researchers, students Members of the particular industry or trade Anyone
Language Academic and technical Jargon of the industry Written in a language for anyone to understand
Documentation Footnotes or bibliography Occasionally contain cited sources  References may be mentioned in text