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EN 1211 - Advanced College Writing (DePeter)


Explore a research question that grows from ideas in your class journals so far, or from ideas explored in Writing 2, 3, or 4, or from various journal prompts we will be composing. Investigate and synthesize viewpoints from a minimum of 5 rigorous, in-depth print-based sources. We are going to aim to write at least 2,500 words (plus Works Cited page). The essay can, of course, be longer than that and may need to be.

Tailor the research question around an important life experience or current struggle that you wish to further explore, so you’ll sustain a passion for reading the research and applying it to your life and how you see the world. 

Developing Keywords

Concept 1: (ex: “college degree”)

Concept 2:  (ex: worth)

Concept 3:  (ex:  “street smarts”)

(ex: “bachelor’s  degree”)

 (ex: value)

 (ex: “common sense”)

 (ex: “higher education”)

 (ex: “return on investment”)

(ex: “informal education”)

Part #1: Finding Books

You are required to use at least one book as a source in your paper.

Part #2: Finding Articles

You are required to use a minimum of 5 sources.