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EN 2139 - Media Management (Byruch)

Disney as a Test Case

Now that we've identified Disney as a media company, we want to look at its financial viability and its stocks historically. 

2015 Sales $52.47B
1-Year Sales Growth 7.48%
2015 Net Income $8.38B
1-Year Net Income Growth 11.75%
Total Assets $88.18B
Market Value $152.99B
Prescreen Score Low Risk

Disney grew this year and is projected to continue growth at about the same rate.

As of January 21, stocks were down in comparison to 6 months ago. However, if we take into account the global instability in the financial markets, we can say this isn't a Disney-specific problem. To confirm this, we want to look at other comperable stocks and confirm that their prices were down also.

Keeping a eye on the news

Stay on top of global financial trends by reading the Wall Street Journal and other financial publications.

Tip: Try a search for your company's name, or for the name of an executive.
Example: Search for facebook or "mark zuckerberg".  (Use quotes to keep words together.)

If you can't find company-specific information, try searching for your company's areas of focus. 
Example: Search for "search engine optimization" and marketing.

Small Cap Stocks

You are also going to need to purchase some small cap stocks. You are likely to find less information about these stocks and will have to use industry trends to inform your purchasing decisions.

Try signing up for a newsletter like that from Penny Pick Alerts to learn about good small cap stock options.