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GB 6040 - Marketing Management (Babik)

Overview of Prof. Babik's Marketing Management course.

Sample Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Template

Marketing Plan Template*

  1. Executive Summary (1-2 pages max)and Table of Contents (Do this last)
  1. Current Situation of the business
  1. Business name, date established, owner
  2. Relevant experience in industry (briefly)
  3. Products, Services and anticipated demand
  1. The Future
  1. Vision of business
  2. Goals of business
  3. Objectives of business
  1. The Market
  1. Target Market (Briefly, who are you selling to?)
  2. Marketing Strategy (Briefly, how will you enter the market/attract new customers?)
  1. The Finances

1.    The sales forecast (Briefly)

2.     How much funding do you need? (Particularly if start-up)

3.     How much are you contributing toward the business?

  1. Situation Analysis (All of the analysis in this narrative will be synthesized and used for SWOT diagram, see template in Course materials)

A.    Sales Data

B.    Product/unit Costs

C.    Internal Capabilities (skills, knowledge, technologies, culture, etc.)

D.    Internal Weaknesses/challenges

E.    The Market

F.    Competitors

G.    Macro environment Level Forces (see text—economic, technological, etc)

  1. Marketing Strategies
  1. Mission
  2. Marketing Objectives
  3. Financial Objectives
  4. Product-Market combination statement (Market Penetration, Market Development, or Market Differentiation)
  5. Market Research findings to support your strategies (put full research in appendix)
  6. Market segmentation, product/competitive positioning, target marketing
  7. Marketing Mix strategies
  1. Product branding strategies
  2. Service Strategies
  3. Pricing Strategies
  4. Supply chain Strategies
  5. Integrated marketing communication strategies
  1. Implementation Plan
  1. Marketing Tactics to execute each strategy
  2. Metrics
  3. Action Plan/Timetable
  4. Resources Needed to complete
  1. Financial Projections (If start up business, this will be guestimate)
  1. Sales Forecast
  2. Expense Forecast
  3. Break-even analysis
  4. Marketing Budget
  1. Appendices
  1. Research findings
  2. Financial data supporting projections
  3. SWOT diagram

*Note: This template will adjust depending on the actual business. For example, a start-up business will not have access to business history or some financial data. Be sure that your marketing plan is customer focused and realistic.

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