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GB 6040 - Marketing Management (Babik)

Overview of Prof. Babik's Marketing Management course.

Try Using Intellect

Intellect ​ can help in examining industries and companies. You might want to view a company's/industry's finances, what challenges they are facing, critical issues that are present, or key trends. Great for SWOT analysis.

1. Click on ​Intellect, below.

​2. Making sure "Company" is selected, use the search bar in the middle of the screen to find your company. Suggestions will appear as you begin to type. Hit enter.

3. Numerous records might show up. Locate the company for which you're searching and click on it.

4. Now you can see the company details.

*Some tabs might not be available, such as "Financial Details," "Executive Details," or "Family Tree." This is especially true for small, private companies (like Sara Lee​, the food company). Companies do not have to include all of this information. 

*To learn about the industry of which your company is a part of, click the tab "Industry Details," and then click on a "first Research Industry Report." 

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What This Means

The goal here is to identify and analyze trends in your industry. Do you expect continued growth in your area? Is it time to adjust your product to meet new needs? These are all things you determine at this stage in the process.

Other Things to Consider

You may also want to consider how your competitors do the following:

  • social media
  • online marketing and advertising
  • website design