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GB 6040 - Marketing Management (Babik)

Overview of Prof. Babik's Marketing Management course.

Academic Resources

Keyword searches from Google Trends and Good Adwords let you see how the number of searches for a given term has changed over time and ​which keywords competitors are using to target their Adwords advertising. 

Marketing Plan Guide and Template


  1. Perform any needed research. Examples include:
  1. Nielsen’s Claritas is a source of data for discovering segments that might be a match for your product or service. Their database is called PRIZM-NE and it is zip code driven. “PRIZM profiles every lifestyle in the US by both demographic and psychographic (lifestyle) variables.” (Marshall & Johnston, 2010) Click on zip-code look-up for a demo.

  1. SRI Consulting Business Intelligence (SRIC-BI) is a source for lifestyle or psychographic information. The values and lifestyles instrument is VALS™. You can find out your own type, if you like.

  1. U.S Census data, local business data, company data (CRM, MIS, sales data, etc.)

SWOT Summary/Analysis




Key Strengths (S) (Describe 3-5 Internal Strengths here)

Key Weaknesses (W) (Describe 3-5 Internal Weaknesses here)

Key Opportunities (O) (List 3-5 External Opportunities here)

S/O Based Strategies  (Create strategies that use strengths to take advantage of the opportunities)

W/O Based Strategies (Create strategies that take advantage of opportunities to overcome your weaknesses)

Key Threats (T) (List 3-5 External threats here)

S/T Based Strategies (Create strategies that use strengths to avoid threats)

W/T Based Strategies (Create strategies that minimize your weaknesses and avoid threats)